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The "Dragon Guard" campaign setup with the DM set


"bought your dungeon DM package awhile back and Just wanted to submit a testimonial, I'm really happy! - EVERYONE Don't waste your money on buying the short or long wall's first. GET THE DM PACKAGE it is totally worth every penny!!! I bought it for $30.00 and If i'm right, the price won't stay that cheap for very long, You really could charge $50 or more and it would be totally worth it man!"
-A. Simpson

Quick Quests Town

A campaign environment created with the TOWN SET.


"The doors and windows are the best part. It's so neat to put doors where ever you need them. Very easy to take off if you don't need themand you can hardly tell it's a seperate piece.A++++"
- T. Safario

Manor House Created By Quick Quest Builder John T.

Manor House by QuickQuests Master Builder John T.
Created from the TOWN SET.

New Tile Set !


The STORMhas made landfall and has received tremendous reviews from everyone! The new FROZEN CAVERN permium 3D dungeon tile set can be purchased in the new store by clicking on the link below. Or get to the new page by clicking the PRODUCT DOWNLOADS link in the menu bar or HERE. You can now view every page of the file by flipping through the online catalog.

The new 3D Dungeon tile set is the first set made specifically for the D20 rules and Dungeons & Dragons. The FROZEN CAVERN set requires Wizards of the Coast dungeon tile bases if you want to have detailed floor bases. To ensure proper theme, the set includes floor textures that you can print out and place over top of your Wizards of the Coast dungeon tiles as they are the exact same size and shape.

FROZEN CAVERN set requires the use of Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons Core rulebooks. Or other d20 core rule book from Wizards of the Coast. You could build the dungeons but they just aren't the same without a great story.


The QuickQuests 3D Dungeon Tiles system is a SUPER EASY and fun way to enhance your table top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. The easily assembled walls can be placed directly around your Dungeons and Dragons map tiles to form the walls of your dungeon. Having walls in a dungeon layout have a cool effect of making it easier to see where you need to go and where you have been. They work even better with Wizard's miniatures. For an awesome campaign make sure you have your required Wizard's of the Coast handbook or other D20 System material. A dungeon setup doesn't do any good without a great adventure hook to go with it.

The sliding door and window system makes our dungeon walls the most user friendly of any portable 3d dungeon system out there. Doors just don't always appear in the middle of a wall! Sometimes you don't use the full piece and perhaps you just ran out of the wall pieces that have doors! Each wall piece can be easily converted to hold a door or window or multiple doors and windows. Just slide it where it needs to be. Also note that these dungeon doors don't open or close, They are just markers to where the doors are. You can, however, make a simple cut up the middle of the door piece and open the doors when they are suppose to be open and close the doors when they are suppose to be closed. The windows will have to remain closed.

In the new TOWN tiles set, which are one my 3D DUNGEON MINIATURE SETS, the doors have two sides. Side A is closed Side B is Open. Want different doors for your Dungeon walls? Just download another DUNGEON TILES MINIATURE SET and use the doors within. After all, they're universal and can be easily placed on the dungeon walls for a change of scenery.

3D Dungeon Tile windowsThe Window system was added shortly after the door system. It works the exact same way and is used to create towns or villages.. That is if you don't want to Download the 3D DUNGEON TILES Town Set. I've searched and searched for town dungeon tiles and found only a few. Well now with QuickQuests 3D Dungeon Tiles you can make your own. You can even add details to the inside then put a piece of foam core or one of our roof tiles over top to hide the details from your players until they venture over to find out what's inside.

QuickQuests 3D Dungeon System is a perfect way to put your players through a dungeon crawl too. No need to set up before hand. You only place what the Characters can see and add on the further they progress.

QuickQuests 3D Dungeon Systems are very sturdy and can be stacked to create multi levels! Just add one of your flat cardboard dungeon tile floors and the QuickQuests stair model. Just imagine the possibilities or check out our facebook Icon Gallery for some ideas on the things you can do with the QuickQuests 3D Dungeon System.

Don't forget to keep checking back! I'll be adding more FREE 3D DUNGEON TILES to the products section. If you want to be notified when something new is added to the 3D Dungeon Tiles Site Please Visit the E-Store on PayLoadz.com and put in your email address. Or just simply contact me via the form on the site and ask for me to tell you when something new comes out! Better yet, on the new store section, create an account! Free stuff is given to account members every month and makes an easy way to keep track of your QuickQuests downloads.

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"I have been a DM for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted something like this. Using the dungeon system is much faster than laying out tiles or drawing on a dry erase grid. I am very pleased and can't wait to see more textures. I think a SEWER would be groovy! Hint Hint" - D. Johnson

"I love legos and of course D&D. This was such a no brainer for me. I'm so glad I bought the package. I have so much fun creating dungeons. Thank you for a great product, and I'm glad to someone else is a proud Christian! I can't wait to see what is next!"- S. Davis





A little about different 3D Dungeon tiles
and regular dungeon tile sets

The original makers of dungeon tiles is the dungeon and dragons game. they make the dungeon tiles out of cardboard. I have some pictured in the picture gallery of my 3D dungeon tiles. The quality of the dungeon tiles are awesome! they are great detail but lack only one thing. WALLS, you need dungeon walls to make your game feel realistic. I will be adding Free 3D dungeon tiles to the 3d dungeon tile products page in the future. It does take me awhile to do so because I work during the day and can only spend my free time to create new Free 3D Dungeon Tile sets.

buy dungeon tiles and 3D dungeon tiles or a set of 3D dungeon wall sets.

If you want to buy dungeon tiles or buy 3D dungeon tiles you should visit our products section. we don't sell flat dungeon tiles though. At least not yet anyway. we only sell 3D dungeon tiles. Specifically 3D dungeon tiles made by QuickQuests. They really are not dungeon tiles per se, they are more like a dungeon system. or a 3D dungeon creation system. With these 3D dungeon Tiles you can create any type of dungeon you like. They are really just boxes created out of card stock and used like lincoln logs, lego's or blocks.

Using QuickQuests.com's Dungeon Tiles, 3d dungeon tiles, and FREE 3D Dungeon Tiles

When you use dungeon tiles you want to make sure that the texture of the dungeon tiles line up and match. You don't want a dungeon tile with green grass to butte up against a dungeon tile with granite floor tiles. If you are using the Quick Quest 3D dungeon Tile system you want to place your tiles first and add to the dungeon tiles. We usually use the square tiles for the ground texture and then add the 3D dungeon tiles to create the walls. We will also use the Flat dungeon tiles to use as roofs or a second floor. I did however just add A town set. The town set is one of the FREE 3D DUNGEON TILES sets that I offer. Within the free 3D dungeon tile town set are a roofing piece that can easily but cut out and either folded to create a gable or kept flat to just hide what is inside. Keep checking back as I will be adding more Free 3D dungeon tiles and free 3D dungeon tile sets to the product section. To go directly to the 3D dungeon tiles product section click here.

Using Dungeon Tiles for a multi Level Dungeon

When you are creating a multi level dungeon you want to start with the basic floor flat dungeon tile. Pick a dungeon tile that you want for a floor texture then add the 3D dungeon tiles for walls. then choose another flat dungeon tile for the floor on the top. If you are not going to go inside the structure you will NOT need the dungeon tiles under the walls. So if you are not going to see the bottom dungeon tile save that dungeon tile and use it for the floor on the second level. Start with placing your 3D dungeon tile walls then place the flat cardboard dungeon tile on top of the wall. Sometimes if you are going to have a lot of weight on top you will want to put a short wall 3D dungeon tile in the middle for extra support. Then place the Flat Dungeon tile on top. You can then add more walls on top to complete the look. Make sure you leave a section open where you can place your stairs. The stairs are the important part of using the 3D dungeon system. If you want your players to be in awe with your 3D dungeon and your use of dungeon tiles you want to add several multi levels in your fighting area. The players will climb up and hide behind certain things. and you must use the dungeon tiles in a specific way to add a good variety of ground terrain. There are dungeon tiles for almost every texture you can dream of and my 3D dungeon tiles really help to create a fun visual medium for game play. ALSO please note that the thickness of the walls are really not to scale. They are about an inch and a half thick for support. The main use for these 3D Dungeon Tiles is just for visual representation. So be sure to place your 3D dungeon tiles on the OUTSIDE EDGE of where your dungeon walls would be. You CAN however modify the 3D Dungeon walls to be to scale.

Printing your 3D dungeon Tiles or FREE 3D Dungeon Tiles

So now you are ready to print your dungeon tiles. GREAT! For a good quality dungeon tile or dungeon wall you will want to use bright white card stock and a color ink jet or laser printer. I don't like to use the laser printers very much for printing my dungeon tiles because the laser printer usually bends the dungeon tiles while they are coming out of the printer. It's the heat that causes it. The color ink jet printer is the best option for printing your 3D dungeon tiles. There usually is an option for print quality with your printer. A VERY IMPORTANT thing when printing is you must tell the printer NOT to scale the file. If you choose to scale the doors and the walls and the windows of the 3D dungeon tiles will not match up. For best quality you want to print your dungeon tiles and your 3D dungeon system on the Best setting and choose a Flat matte or a card stock setting for your printer. The good thing about these Dungeon Walls is that you do not need to print in color. You can print in Black and White and get a VERY NICE quality dungeon tile. You want to try not to mix color and black and white as there is a slight difference when you place the black dungeon tile and the color dungeon tile next to each other Print as many as you can. and have fun cutting out your dungeon tiles.

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